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Ing. Miloš Straka

Production Director

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Juraj Kostelný

General Director




Production process of our compressed presses

Compressed presses and injection rubber presses are loaded and unloaded manually. Our operation is supported by the IT system that distributes and monitors each order. We have ISO Quality Management Implementation implemented.


Press cycle

It is controlled by a computer unit without any intervention by the user. The computer performs a diagnosis and evaluation of the deviation from the set operating parameters (temperature, pressure, time) and stores all the vulcanization parameters of each manufactured product.


Production capacity

We are able to produce 3million pairs of rubber outsoles yearly. We always can increase the capacity according to customer requirements. Approx. time for the production of 10.000 pairs is one day.


Strategy and Growth

As part of Bamipa's growth strategy, we are committed to constantly innovating our manufacturing processes as well as the services we provide to our customers. The quality of input raw materials as well as output products is regularly checked in the laboratory. Thanks to our high demands on quality, we can satisfy even the most demanding clients. Besides the standard structure of the company, we have successfully introduced two external departments: the design department and the mold manufacturing department. We provide our customers with comprehensive services ranging from redisign and upgrading of old models to completely new shoe and shoe designs through the production of models and molds for the production of racks to the sole production of high quality mixes.

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